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who are we

With the original opening in Carlstadt ,NJ, Hamburguesa aims to bring Mexico City street style burgers to Jersey. Our intimate burger joint offers the classic street burger taste that you would have as you walk around the capital (Mexico City). With exciting options such "La Mortal" - a loaded burger with beef, hot dog, and bacon. A friendly atmosphere makes it a quick spot to pass by and grab a burger or sit down with friends to share a moment playing mini Tic-tac toe or verse your friends at our foosball table to see who buys the next round of burgers !

Our burger-making story actually began approximately 20 years ago when our founder (Antonio) was living in Mexico City. The true original Hamburguesa joint was established back then and it was more of a burger-kart. During that time frame, Mexico City was listening to "rock en español" (spanish rock) and its why our theme is to play that genre of music at our locations. We try to bring back our visitors to that aura and energy that was felt in that era. Antonio's burger-cart was a completely success but new opportunities showed to his life and he changed business ventures. Fast forward to present day and after many failed/successful businesses along with many times of making his famous burgers just for family/friend get togethers, a location was offered and a lease was signed. The risk was taken to open an actual location and the mission is still in process. To share that glimpse of time when rock was playing and our burgers were made in the streets of Mexico City. 


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